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  Ronna McDaniel WINS fourth term as Republican National Committee chair after hideous leadership battle with Harmeet Dhillon - and will steer GOP to 2024 elections notwithstanding underwhelming midterms
time:2023-06-03 09:03
Members of the RNC handed Ronna McDaniel a fourth term as chairwoman on Friday, notwithstanding a strong challenge from a Trump-linked lawyer who said the componenty had to rein in lavish spending...
  Afghan interpreter shot twice denied compensation
time:2023-06-03 08:57
Jamal Barak, who moved to Coventry, was shot twice while working with the Army in Afghanistan. ..
  India same-sex marriage case tests judges
time:2023-06-03 08:53
The Supreme Court indicates that legalising same-sex marriage may be for MPs to decide, not the courts. ..
  Video appears to show Nepal plane roll before crash
time:2023-06-03 08:51
The plane can be seen making a sudden sharp turn on its side as it descends. ..
  How nervous are investors about the US debt ceiling?
time:2023-06-03 08:11
How nervous are investors about the US debt ceiling?Published2 days agoShare pageAbout sharingImage ..
  Why spy balloons are still so useful in era of drones
time:2023-06-03 08:02
A technology first used during the French Revolutionary Wars remains in demand today for good reasons. ..
  The 113-year-old India library torched in a riot
time:2023-06-03 07:59
The madrassa library, which contained priceless manuscripts, was recently burnt down by a mob of rioters. ..
  China appoints Li Qiang as premier
time:2023-06-03 07:53
Li Qiang received almost every vote from more than 2,900 delegates at the rubber-stamp parliament. ..
  Yeezy come, Yeezy go! GAP rips Kanye West merchandise from their stores and removes collab website and Universal drops him - hours after Adidas terminated its componentnership with the rapper over his anti-Semitic outbursts
time:2023-06-03 07:50
Kanye West could lose his billionaire status after being dropped by Adidas amid growing backlash - with the brand terminating their $1.5bn deal...
  South Korean embassy's RRR dance delights Indians
time:2023-06-03 07:43
A viral video shows the South Korean ambassador to India and embassy employees dancing to Naatu Naatu. ..
  India steps up search for Sikh separatist preacher
time:2023-06-03 07:41
Police in Punjab are looking for Amritpal Singh, who's on the run after calling for a Sikh homeland. ..
  Alleged spy balloon over US is weather device - China
time:2023-06-03 07:38
China says a suspected spy balloon is actually a wayward "civilian airship" used for weather monitoring. ..
  Energy bills set to stay tall notwithstanding price cap cut
time:2023-06-03 07:33
Energy bills set to stay tall notwithstanding price cap cutPublished1 day agocommentsCommentsShare p ..
  Taiwan bear badge punches back after China drills
time:2023-06-03 07:14
The badge depicts a Taiwanese black bear punching Winnie the Pooh, who often symbolises Xi Jinping. ..
  Civil service ban is politicising TikTok - China
time:2023-06-03 07:00
China's ambassador to the UK Zheng Zeguang was speaking during his first visit to Northern Ireland. ..
  G20 deadlock after China refuses to condemn Russia
time:2023-06-03 06:39
Beijing and Moscow both declined to accept phrasing that deplored Russia's invasion of Ukraine. ..
  Asda consults on cutting pay for 7,000 workers
time:2023-06-03 06:39
Asda consults on cutting pay for 7,000 workersPublished10 minutes agoShare pageAbout sharingImage co ..
  Sri Lanka country profile
time:2023-06-03 06:38
Provides an overview of Sri Lanka, including key facts about this south Asian island state. ..
  An error that sent Indian teen to death row for 25 years
time:2023-06-03 06:36
He spent 28 years in prison for murder. Then prosecutors found out he had been a juvenile at the time of the crime. ..
  Tim Cook opens India's first Apple store amid cheers
time:2023-06-03 06:36
Mr Cook will also attend the opening of a second Apple store in Delhi later this week. ..
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