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Electric vehicle charging for all, council pledges

Published on 2023-06-03 09:26:31 source:NBC News

Electric vehicle charging points will be made available to all residents, North Yorkshire Council has pledged.

Announcing a new strategy to boost electric vehicle usage, leaders said an enhanced network of charging points was key - despite challenges caused by the county's terrain.

The council's executive will meet on 2 May to consider the findings of a public consultation.

It has already secured £2.2m in funding for 70 charge points .

They will be installed alongside battery storage units, charged by solar panels.

The technology will be "sympathetic to the rural landscape" and will see residential charge points in both on-street locations and larger "charging hubs", the council said.

Councillor Greg White, executive member for climate change, said: "The roll-out of comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure is key to achieving the county's carbon zero target".

North Yorkshire Council said it expects demand for charging points to soar within the next decade as motorists switch to electric vehicles ahead of a ban on petrol and diesel engines in new vehicles from 2030.

However, the authority conceded rural areas of North Yorkshire present "significant issues" as it works to ensure a cost-effective network of electric charging points is delivered.

Councillor Keane Duncan, executive member for highways and transport, said: "We have already made huge steps in the delivery of electric vehicle charging infrastructure thanks in part to the pilot Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) funding - the highest amount secured by any local authority in the country.

"The rural nature of North Yorkshire means delivering charging points is more difficult, but we are ready to rise to the challenge to ensure our area does not fall behind."

According to the council, there are almost 4,000 electric vehicles registered in North Yorkshire and 225 publicly available charge points.

It is predicted 724 chargers will be needed by 2025, and 3,161 charge points by 2030. Half will need to be funded by the public sector at a cost of £10.3 million, the council said.

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